About us

Publishing books, workbooks, curriculum, training materials, journals, magazines, electronic publications, audio books, digital video, multimedia services, and other printed matter to help build and beautify the church.


Missio is about Serving: Our team at Missio Publishing are proven practitioners that desire to  “serve the missional movement.” We believe in serving the kingdom of God and championing the varied expressions of church. 

Missio is about Trust: Our team are leaders who have earned the trust of both emerging church practitioners and existing church leaders. Trust is gained through listening, avoiding judgment, and  continually calling the deconstructionist to begin to engage the healthy and faithful reconstruction of the church. 

Missio is for Practitioners: Our team provides resources based on years of modeling the missional life we’re calling others toward.  Our skill in leading others is formed from our own tension experienced in real ministry.

Missio is about Holistic Transformation:  Our team seeks to work with churches, denominations, and leadership networks that commit to long-term and systemic transformation.

Missio is about Innovation:  We value courageous and faith-oriented initiatives. Without the need for God, why do it!

Missio is about Legacy: Missio will always look for ways to empower the emerging generations, prioritize long-term legacy, and embrace future innovators.

Missio’s focus is on developing Leaders: Every initiative we serve will focus on developing  resources that can be easily used to innovate and influence their church.

Missio is about Resourcing the Local Church:  Resource Development geared at creating self-guided tools for missional living and missional leadership from the highest level movement leader to grassroots soccer mom.